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Glamping: One of the Hottest Vacation Rental Industry Trends

The variety of vacation rentals on offer have majorly increased over the past few years. Nowadays, accommodations aim to offer a unique experience adapted to each traveler. Likewise, travelers can choose places to stay based on their personal interests and taste. Whether it’s a studio apartment, a luxury villa or a simple family house, there is something for everyone.

And lately, a new travel trend has emerged that offers a huge business opportunity for vacation rental owners: glamping.

What is glamping?

“Glamping” is the combination of the words “glamour” and “camping” merged together. It’s a mix of usual camping and luxury travel. Imagine the thought of being surrounded by nature and tranquility, complete relaxation within the comfort of luxury accommodation – comfortable beds, flat screen TV, built-in kitchen with an electric oven, AC, bathtub and sauna. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? And as a business owner, it’s even better. 

glamping vacation rental

Types of glamping

There is a wide range of glamping housing and, normally, these vary depending on geographical location, characteristics or tradition. In the US, the typical areas to “glamp” are the woods, beaches and deserts. We’ve put together 8 different examples so you can see just how much they differ.

1. Yurts

luxury yurt

Yurts are considered to be one of the most popular options when it comes it glamping. They are circular tents made from wooden beams and animal skin or fabric walls, originating from Mongolia. Yurts are typically used in the countryside and at some festivals.

2. Treehouses 

Unsurprisingly, treehouses are made from wood and are normally built within a tree – making use of its organic architecture – or placed in the woods. Perfect for guests who want a peaceful stay in nature.

3. Tiny houses

Tiny houses are the most eco-friendly option, as they are designed to take up the minimum amount of space and also minimize resources whilst polluting less. In addition, many are built with ecological materials.

4. Train carriages

Adapted train carriages can be a very original option for glamping. They’re simply old train carriages that have been remodeled for use as vacation rentals. You can even go super vintage by renovating a carriage from the 50s.

5. Tipis and tents 

luxury camping

Tipis are the traditional Native American tents, but the modern version is built from cotton fabric and wooden beams. These triangular shaped tents are used around campsites, which are fastened not only with beams but also with ropes (also known as safari tents).

6. Caravans

glamping business model

For retro fans, the versatility of caravans make them perfect for a vacation rental stay. They are a great way to disconnect in the countryside without leaving all the creature comforts behind. As well as this, by including some outdoor furniture, guests can enjoy the exterior just as much as the interior.

7. Bubble Domes

A bubble dome is transparent pod where guests can enjoy the starry sky, sunsets and sunrises, while at one with nature. 

8. Caves

In certain geographic regions, you can find houses that have been built into underground caves or the side of a dry hill, making for a truly unique vacation experience.

Why should you start a glamping business?

According to research by Arizton, the glamping market in the US is expected to reach a revenue of around $1 billion by 2024. Modern yurts and luxury treehouses are among the most likely to boost revenue. As the glamping trend continues to rise, there are vast areas in the US where glamping can easily be set up. Have a look at the reasons why you should start a business in glamping.

1. Glamping is for everyone

For many property owners, glamping has already been a profitable business, as it opens doors to a whole new group of travelers – those who have never been camping and those who want to enjoy nature. And, of course, those who want to experience a luxury holiday while still sticking to a tight budget.

Many people are put off the idea of traditional camping: the cold, mosquitoes, no running hot water, no access to fresh food etc. However, glamping is a completely different ball game. Glamping is for travelers who hate sleeping bags, but also for those who want to experience pure nature without setting up a tent.

This type of accommodation offers privacy, a first-hand experience with nature and can be an affordable yet luxury option. Campsites aren’t for everyone, but glamping is. It can be appealing for families (fun outdoor activities), for groups of friends (such as music festivals), and for couples (many choose this option for their honeymoon!).

2. Eco-friendly and luxurious

starting a glamping business

As both luxury and eco-friendly tourism trends are surging, imagine the attraction of the two merged together. Whilst glamping is associated with nature, environmental trends can be implemented within outdoor accommodation, such as installing solar panels or using wind power in your glamping housing.

But don’t think that just having a beautiful landscape is enough, after the glamping boom, guests have very high expectations. But, don’t be scared off. The profits of this type of business will give you margin to invest part of the budget purely in the guest experience. As a result, you won’t have any problems when it comes to getting good reviews from the travelers who pass through your accommodation. 

As well as providing the most basic amenities, some vacation rental owners offer picnic baskets or discounts for activities in their welcome pack

3. Perfect for selling the experience

When promoting a vacation rental, it’s vital you sell the whole experience. As a vacation rental owner in the glamping industry, it’s particularly easy. Glamping is an experience in itself – the only thing you have to do is to make sure your property stands out from your competitors’. Think of ways your future guests can get the most out of nature in your area, such as a treehouse or a bubble pod to admire the starry sky.

glamping business

Many vacation rentals even offer more exclusive extras, for example, massages, yoga classes, a rustic breakfast that is sent up to the treehouse using with a basket, lake excursions for swimming, visits to organic farms or animal sanctuaries, etc.

4. Lower investment and higher profits

The initial investment for glamping housing isn’t as high as buying a house and having to take a mortgage out. Rather, it is actually a lot cheaper to build, manage and run, therefore the profit should be higher and you should get your return on investment in a shorter amount of time. 

The key is to get your glamping vacation rental out on the market. Know how to target your vacation rental to certain types of travelers, such as fitness and wellness travelers and millennials. Be aware of SEO hacks to ensure that when guests are looking to go glamping, they will be able to find your vacation rental straight away. 

Today, glamping is considered a profitable business, and can be managed in the same way as any other type of holiday rental. It can be advertised on the same listing sites, and also have its own website.

With winter around the corner, now is the best time to start developing a business idea for glamping, so it will be ready for winter peak-season.

Now you are aware of the rising fame of the glamping industry, you can start getting creative and launch your own glamping vacation rental!

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