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What is a room type?

In the hospitality and lodging industry, room types refer to the different classifications of guest rooms based on specific features and amenities. These classifications are determined by factors such as the number of beds, layout, size, and the property’s target market.

Here are some common types of room types:

  • Standard Room: This is the most basic type of room and typically has one or two beds, a bathroom, and basic amenities such as a TV and a telephone. 
  • Deluxe Room: This type of room is larger and more luxurious than a standard room and may include additional amenities such as a balcony, a sitting area, or a separate living area. 
  • Suite: A more spacious and luxurious type of room typically includes a separate living area, a bedroom, and one or more bathrooms. 
  • Family Room: This type of room is designed for families and typically includes more beds and additional space to accommodate children. 
  • Executive Room: This type of room is typically located on the higher floors of a hotel and includes access to a private lounge or other exclusive amenities. 
  • Accessible room: this type of room is designed to accommodate guests with disabilities and will have features such as wider doorways, roll-in showers and handrails. 
  • Studio: a room that includes a bedroom, kitchen and living area.

Properties may offer multiple room types depending on their size and target market, with each type priced differently based on the services and amenities offered. Understanding the different room types can help guests choose the best option that meets their needs and budget.

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