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Mailchimp Integration

Lodgify connects to one of the world’s most famous email marketing platforms in the market to help you improve communications with your guests with our Mailchimp API integration.

Mailchimp will enable you to professionally contact your guests with vacation rental email marketing, allowing you to target specific audiences, run tests and monitor the performance of your emails.

No need to switch platforms – Mailchimp integrates with Lodgify and allows you to manage your email campaigns and results from inside our software.

Set up the integration and see how Lodgify and Mailchimp boosts your email marketing results.


This integration requires both Mailchimp and Lodgify. Learn more.

Create automated emails

Stop worrying about manually sending responses and create automated emails to follow up on bookings and requests. You can even start sending your guests’ promotional emails or a newsletter!

Mailchimp api integration

A/B test your content

Don’t guess – rely on data. Create different email campaigns and see which content performs better for your audience by running simple A/B tests.

Mailchimp API integration

Create segments for better targeting

Not all of your target guests are the same. Split your audience into different segments based on their interests, so that everyone receives tailored, relevant content.

Mailchimp API integration

Fast and easy to get started

Setting up the Mailchimp API integration is fast, easy and requires zero maintenance. You can complete the process on your own and start using it without the need to contact our support team. Should you have any doubts about how to get started, you can check out the step-by-step guide in our highly detailed Knowledge Base.


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