Vacation Rental Guide / Choosing a Channel Manager / Airbnb Channel Manager: What You Need to Know

An Airbnb channel manager will keep your website updated regarding availability and rates. If you own a hotel or bed and breakfast, a channel manager will be a significant feature of your web design. With the right solution, your updates are automatic.

Your Airbnb Channel Manager

Airbnb’s platform has opened the world to travelers who might never have managed to afford certain destinations. The lodgings may include private homes, apartments, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and other vacation rentals.

There are over three million Airbnb listings on the internet, representing over 65,000 cities in nearly 200 countries. The host or owner of each facility sets the rates and availability. On average, the site takes a total of 15% of the fees, collected from the travelers and the hosts.

Your Airbnb channel manager will provide you with several invaluable services. This will increase the rate of unit leasing without constant one-on-one updating from you.

Automatic Updates

For vacation homeowners who have multiple listings or units, the channel manager keeps your units’ data synchronized. It also will update any other booking sites that you subscribe to. When done manually, this requires an inordinate amount of time. The margin of error increases exponentially, considering the volume of sites and numbers that must be constantly updated.

Your channel manager will interface with the rest of your reservation software. This means that whenever someone books a vacation property on your site, your channel manager will automatically update all external sites which concern the availability and rates of each unit. This saves you time and decreases the risk of a unit becoming double-booked.


A channel manager will allow you to access your multiple listings from any internet connection. That is because it is cloud-based.

Reservation on mobile devices, while still somewhat new, is growing. In fact, over 50% of travelers use their smartphone or iPhone for booking their Airbnb or hotel room. If you are in the vacation rental business, and especially if you are listing with Airbnb, a channel manager is a super useful tool to keep your travel booking sites updated.

Pay for Use

You may have your home listed on several different platforms in order to promote bookings. In this case, you will need a channel manager that supports numerous listings. Some of these services are sold in relation to how many sites you need to manage. You want to find a host that will ask you to pay for only the channels you use.

It is also important to ask about fees. Sometimes, there are set-up fees that are not mentioned in the initial consultation. In order to keep your property up-to-date across multiple sites, you need to know ahead of time if there are any extra fees or hidden costs. Failure to do so may result in the closing of some of your channels, reducing the rental frequency of your homes.


Airbnb channel managers can connect you to multiple listings. This gives a potential guest in a distant part of the world the opportunity to book your place. Rental reservation is neat and quick, and the changes in status for each unit will automatically be recorded and relayed through your channel manager.

Each traveler will be able to view accurate availability and rates, even when they are updated to reflect seasonal changes or specials. Special features of your room, hotel, or inn will be more accessible to a wider market. These are the kinds of connections you need to keep your properties busy and profitable.

Your Airbnb needs a competitive edge. A channel manager will keep your units’ multiple listings in front of potential guests and make reservation easy. Automatic updates, flexibility, affordable rates, and increased connectivity make your vacation rentals more profitable, increasing your ROI.