Vacation Rental Guide / Choosing a Channel Manager / Can You Use the Wix Channel Manager for Your Vacation Rentals?

About the Wix Channel Manager

The Wix Channel Manager gives owners the ability to sync their short term vacation rental or hotel availability and rates. Owners can also use the drop-down menu to choose from over 150 different services such as Expedia or Orbitz. There are many partners and companies that work with the function so it’s important to choose whichever fits their business best.

Please note: WIX currently works with HotelRunner in order to provide this type of service. In order to use the service fully, you have to pay for an extra subscription on top of the subscription that you’re currently paying for the website services you have.

Wix Channel Manager Fees

Apart from providing free website templates, WIX is able to provide the services of the channel manager because they work closely with HotelRunner. The service that you sign up with comes with a 14-day free trial in order to provide the user with an idea of how it works and to find out if it is a service that they would like to keep using. After the trial period ends, the user then is provided with a prompt that asks them if they want to continue the service for $15 a month.

Can vacation rentals use the Wix Hotels Channel Manager?

Yes, those that have vacation rentals can also use the WIX Hotels Channel Manager tool for their business. This is because they have the option to sync several of the websites that these vacation rental owners use.

How to Connect the Wix Channel Manager for your vacation rental website

After you have gone through the steps to set up the channel manager and connect the services, you are then able to see all of the bookings that are shown on the channels of the WIX hotel calendar. This is a great thing to think about, since you want all of this information in the same place for you to look over quickly.

When you first set up the channel manager, the WIX Hotels then syncs all of your reservations that you have had in the past month to the system and then for the upcoming four months, from the many different channels. If you would like to see other reservations that are on other months, they are viewable in the relevant channel area, but not located in the WIX Hotels section.

Steps to Connect Your Hotel to Booking Channels:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and Click on the Hotels option
  2. Click on Reservations and then expand it
  3. Click on Channel Manager and click on Start Now
  4. Click on the channel you want to connect with (there is no right or wrong here, you can choose whichever one you would like to use)
  5. If you have an account, you would enter the account information in this next step and if you do not have an account, then you will want to fill out the required information in the next step instead of putting in your own information
  6. Click next and then click on mapping to set up all of the rooms on the map in the right order

You are able to set up the rooms how you would like, as well as the channels that are specific to the rooms you’re trying to rent out. When this is the case, you need to make sure that you’re connecting with those that are able to take on the room or other vacation rental properties that you have.