Vacation Rental Guide / Go Online For Your Vacation Rent Payment / Vacation Rental Payment Processing: How Does It Work?

Hotel and inn owners are increasingly turning to online vacation rent payment. With the percentage of guests booking online, it is only reasonable to take deposits and charges online through a vacation rental payment processing portal. It is simple enough to set up and well worth the nominal fee for processing payments.

Vacation Rental Payment Processing Using Credit Cards

You have your website set up, and allow guests to make their reservations online. Now, go one step further and accept online payments as well.

Some rentals may only be available only during certain seasons. They may also have different rates attached to them according to seasons. Managers also want to assess an extra charge for certain services such as cleaning, and all of this can be reflected in the payment process.

Secure Payment Systems

Look for software that is PCI compliant. This means that it is safe and will encrypt and protect your guests’ data and personal information. It should also use an SSL to further keep the data private and secure from hackers.

When a guest makes plans for their trip, they want to see pictures of the property and get reservation details concerning how long they want to stay. This will all be visible on the website. But when it is time to pay, they’re usually directed to another page.

The checkout page should display the SSL and PCI badges, letting the guest know that their personal detail is protected and encrypted. They are usually offered the option to have the website remember their credit card details.

For returning guests, this is a great feature. For new guests, it is a subtle reminder to come back next year.

When your guest makes a reservation, the confirmation is almost instantaneous and the payment is equally as fast. They will enter their credit card number, approve the fees and charges, and click to submit their payment. It is that simple!

Accessible Portals for Payment Processing

Nowadays, most people shop using their smartphones. Retailers have learned to take advantage of this in their marketing and sales departments. Now, landlords of rental property can do the same.

With accessible websites, you can make your property visible to a wider range of potential guests. As they eat lunch, they can discuss their upcoming travel plans and surf for hotels and beds and breakfasts.

Your website should be in the mix. It should automatically adapt images and text to fit any size screen so that potential guests will notice it.

But, that’s not all. Your payment processing should also be accessible. Once a guest makes a reservation, they will want to make a payment as well, often immediately. The payment page should be as clear and easy to navigate as the rest of your website.

Payment software is usually pretty good about adapting to different size screens. Check to make sure yours is responsive so that you can attract travelers who want to pay with credit cards, PayPal, e-checks, or other types of remote payments.

Vacation Rental Payment Processing Time

One of the best advantages of accepting online payments for your rentals is that it puts the money in your account much quicker. In the past, innkeepers would have to wait for a paper check to arrive in the mail. They would deposit the check and wait for it to be mailed to the guest’s bank, where it would be cleared or rejected. This often would take as long as 10 work days – or two weeks.

However, using credit cards, the payment is accepted or rejected that very moment. Processing the payment is instantaneous, and the money is in usually your account within 48 hours. Meaning your guests receive confirmation for their balance payment immediately, and your funds will be on the way.