Chapter 4

HomeAway Fees for Hosts

Last updated: March 2024

HomeAway is now Vrbo. View our Ultimate Vrbo Host Guide to get the most updated information, or click here to learn how to log in.

Regardless of where you decide to list your vacation rental home online, there will be service fees both for owners and guests. Fortunately, HomeAway gives owners different options for how they choose to be charged.

HomeAway owner fees

Unlike Airbnb, which is free to list, there are two different payment options for paying HomeAway fees if you are a host. These distinct models allow hosts to make the most out of their vacation listings on the HomeAway owner platform, deciding on the option that best fits their needs. Each owner can choose between a yearly subscription or a Pay-Per-Booking basis.

Annual subscription

When hosts choose to pay the annual subscription fee from HomeAway, they’ll be able to enjoy unlimited bookings for their business for a whole year – that means no extra fees at any time!

There are two different prices for the annual subscription, depending on whether hosts have online reservations enabled. For properties with online booking active, the cost is set at $349 for the year. Without an online reservation, however, this charge increases to $499.

HomeAway encourages its users to choose the annual subscription with online reservations. This is not only reflected in its price (a whole $150 cheaper!), but also in the way it helps users’ rentals show up in search results based on the best match algorithm in place by the site.


Hosts also have the option to pay per booking they receive on their profile, which can be more suitable for some vacation rental owners. In paying per booking, hosts avoid paying anything upfront. They will instead pay a minimum of 8% commission on each reservation they take using the platform.

Paying per booking can be a better option for those users who only rent their home out at certain times of the year or who only let it for special events like weddings. It’s recommended for users who take less than three bookings each year.

HomeAway fees for guests

For guests wanting to book accommodation on HomeAway/VRBO websites, bear in mind that the company charges a service fee. This payment helps out with the cost of providing 24/7 customer service support, enhanced site and mobile features for guests and hosts alike, plus broader marketing efforts to create more visibility in international audiences.

Paying traveler fees

Any bookings made through HomeAway or VRBO websites are subject to a service fee when guests pay for their accommodation by credit card. Once the reservation has been accepted, the service fee is charged to the booker’s payment card. There is not one set price or percentage for this fee: it varies from 4% to 9% of the total rental cost, excluding any deposit or taxes.

Other property fees

Guests have to pay the traveler service fee directly to HomeAway – there are no two ways about it. Hosts do, however, have the choice to add extra charges to their listings if they see fit. They recommend naming any extra fees or charges something other than “service fee” to save any confusion. For example, if you charge cleaning, pets, or maintenance fees, name these appropriately on your listing as “Cleaning fee”, “Pet fee,” or “Maintenance fee.”