Chapter 9

HomeAway Customer Service

The HomeAway owner customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to answer all user queries via email and phone. In this chapter, you’ll find all the useful information you’re looking for to get in touch with the HomeAway customer service team.

Phone Number and Contact Details

For people needing travel support, there are many ways to contact the HomeAway/Vrbo customer service team.

Contacting HomeAway by Phone

For travelers and hosts, there are two customer service phone numbers on their website: 1-877-228-3145 and 512-782-0805. The phone lines are open 24/7.

To speed things up for the HomeAway customer support team, it’s a good idea to have your computer operating system and browser details to hand. If you are unsure of your details, they can be accessed using the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of any page on the site. Select “Call” on any HomeAway support issue and your support information will show.

Contacting HomeAway by Email

HomeAway does not provide a direct customer service email address. However, from any page on the site, users can click on the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page, and select the category that best describes their issue. This will lead the user to fill out an email contact form with further details, which will then be sent to the customer support team.

HomeAway Help

Before calling or emailing customer service, you may find answers to many of your burning questions are already available in HomeAway Help. It’s always a good idea to investigate if your query has already been answered in HomeAway Help before deciding to call or email HomeAway support.

HomeAway Help is organized into handy categories for easy user navigation. These categories are then divided into further subcategories, under which the most frequently asked questions appear.

These categories include:

Find a Property

Easy-to-follow instructions on how to find accommodation on HomeAway using different search features, e.g. by location or number of guests.

Book a Property

Here prospective guests can find useful information about different aspects of the booking process, like contacting with hosts or payment queries.

Your Stay

In this category, guests can find frequently asked questions about staying in HomeAway rentals.

Your Review

You can find everything about HomeAway’s review processes, submissions and complaints in this category.

Getting Started

The first steps when it comes to setting up your account for renting.


Frequently searched queries about different types of taxes like VAT, lodging occupancy tax and income tax.

Government Requirements

Some city-specific information is available here regarding properties in San Francisco, Santa Fe, Santa Monica, Tuolumne County and Utah. It’s recommended users review state or local laws before advertising homes to rent.


All your security questions answered, including damages, user authenticity, guarantees and payments.

Your Account

Help regarding different types of accounts and how to edit your details. Covers topics like changing passwords, security questions and preventing identity theft.

Your Listing

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding your listings, including aspects like location, description, photos and amenities to name a few.

Reservation Manager

Get all the details you need to know about the Reservation Manager, such as managing your inbox, calendar, reservations and payments.

Our Partners

Answers to all your questions about partners in the HomeAway network, as well as information on how to join them.

Software Integration

Technical information for users who are integrating with other software.

Stay Neighborly

Frequently answered questions regarding hosts and the HomeAway Stay Neighborly initiative.

If you have a specific query, you can also use the search bar function at the top of Help page to find your answer.

More Resources: HomeAway Community

Their Community is a place where vacation rental owners and property managers can find extra resources plus support from other members. Best of all, all discussions are moderated by an expert community manager.

You can either use HomeAway Community as a visitor – where you’ll have read-only access to forums, blogs and articles. Or, you can sign up with HomeAway Community to be able to contribute to discussions, browse member profiles, receive free access to more exclusive content like downloadable forms and templates and watch webinars and videos.