Chapter 10

How to Contact Vrbo

If you have any questions about how to use your Vrbo account, you can call: 1-877-202-4291 (U.S.) or visit On their website, you will find frequently asked questions that may help you find the answer without having to contact customer support.

Disclaimer: Lodgify is not Vrbo

However, only so much can be done online and sometimes the only solution is to talk to a real person that understands your situation. If that is the case, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Contact Us” button. You will find a variety of topics and questions frequently asked by homeowners. After picking an item, you will be directed to a phone number of the branch of customer service that specializes in that problem.

Vrbo owner customer service

No matter whether you are a host or are a renter looking for some help, Vrbo customer service offers help you need 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This is not done through a specific email address but through the contact link that is found both on the header and at the bottom of every help page on the website.

When you click on the contact link, you will be asked to identify whether you are a traveler, host, or property manager. After that, and depending on what you have indicated, you will then be given some choices to describe what you are in need of. Then you will be presented with some articles that pertain to your topic to help you further.

If you still are not getting the help that you need, then you can choose an email address or phone link so you can correspond with a representative. This is a great customer service system that helps both hosts who may need help with their Vrbo listings, and guests who need help making a reservation.

Using the Help Center for Vrbo customer service

One of the concerns that both hosts and guests have is the exchange of payment. In the help section there are lots of details as to how the money transactions transpire. Guests also want to know about the fee they are going to be charged, so instead of having to contact customer service, they can rely on the help center for the knowledge they need.

The help section is broken down into some main sections, such as:

  • Manage a listing:

This is an important section for owners and property managers to glean the data they will need, such as the fee they will be charged and for how to go about payment management. It contains a great deal more details that should provide all the answers needed, without having to contact customer service.

  • Security protection:

This is another section found in the help segment. Here, not only can details be found about a payment, but also how secure the site is when it comes to monetary transactions. Although the information here is detailed, both hosts and guests can still contact customer service if they are having an issue about a payment or any other matter.

These are just a few examples of the many topics that are covered in the help section which provides additional customer service support.