Chapter 4

Vrbo Fees for Owners

Regardless of where you decide to list your home online, there will be service fees both for owners and guests. Fortunately, Vrbo gives owners different options for how they choose to be charged, based on the estimated income you’ll make from your home.

Fee per booking

There is a one-time annual fee or a fee per booking. If you book your home for less than six weeks out of the year or estimate that you will make less than $10,000 from your vacation rental home, then the fee per booking option is the best option.

Vrbo will determine the percentage per booking that they will be charged based on a variety of factors. However, the rate will stay between 5% and 9%. Every time a guest books your home, you are then charged that small fee by Vrbo.

Rules and Benefits of Pay-Per-Booking

One of the rules that are applicable to the pay-per-booking option is that the host has to be able to accept payments online. One of the advantages is that when using this option, the rental owner is not required to pay a fee up front. However, what renters will have to realize is that they will have to pay a percentage fee for each reservation.

Annual fee

Many hosts enjoy using the subscription option as a way for paying the fee, because they are only required to pay a once a year. An owner is able to accept as many inquiries and bookings as they like for one low annual fee.

If your home is booked up for most of the weeks out of the year, or you estimate making more than $10,000 on your vacation rental, then you should opt for the annual fee. Every twelve months, you will pay $499 to list your home. This one-time, flat fee covers all the service fees that would otherwise be charged to your account when a guest makes a booking.

Which Vrbo owner fee is the best choice?

As mentioned above, if your vacation rental home is booked up for less than six weeks out of the year, or you make less than $10,000, the fee per booking is your best option. However, if your property is booked up for most of the weeks out of the year, or you estimate making more than $10,000, then you should opt for the annual fee.

Is it worth paying these fees to list your house on Vrbo? The answer is a resounding yes. The amount of advertising you get from us Vrbo is phenomenal when you think about all the affiliate sites connected with your account. Guests can find your house on Expedia, KAYAK, Trivago, and many more. Yet you only have to pay a small fee through Vrbo.