Chapter 8

Do You Need a Vrbo Insurance?

Insurance is always a must-have for all property types, including Vrbo and vacation rental owners. This is due to the fact that pretty much anything can happen and you are entrusting others to stay comfortably within your rental. You need to have them treat it as if it was their own, but this is not always the case.

Benefits of having a Vrbo Insurance

Most of the vacation rental owners have homeowners or landlord insurance policies. Both of these are great to have, but they both come with their own gaps due to the fact that the rental property doesn’t necessarily fall into either of these categories. Due to this, it is important to know what type of coverage you’re able to get that is actually going to provide you with the ability to cover the gaps and get the coverage you need and want.

Homeowners insurance is made to provide the owner-occupied property with coverage, while the vacation rental owner policy is made to be guest-occupied for an extended period of time. Since vacation rentals have multiple guests throughout the year, sometimes even the owners that come and stay and even times where it is unoccupied, these insurances are not going to cover those gaps. You need a policy that is going to be able to cover all of these gaps and some.

Vrbo Insurance recommendations

The HomeAway Group, which includes Vrbo, have a preferred partner for US vacation rental insurance which is available to those that want to have access to great Vrbo insurance: Proper Insurance.

Proper Insurance is the preferred company that provides this type of full coverage insurance. It provides comprehensive coverage to those rental properties in the US. It was designed to provide that complete insurance coverage that is required, while also covering other essentials that come with it. It can entirely replace the guest’s insurance policy or homeowners insurance.

Offered in all 50 states, using expert underwriters and provides in-depth coverage, it is a coverage type that everyone with a Vrbo listing is going to want to make use of when renting their properties out to others.

Vrbo Travel Insurance for guests

When it comes to having peace of mind, there is nothing like it. When it comes to going on vacation, you need to make sure that you’re covered in case of anything. Make sure that all of the money you’re spending on the vacation is covered so you can feel confident knowing that you’re booking at the right place, with the right company.

Both Cancellation Protection and Damage Protection provide you with the assurance of knowing you’re covering all of the losses or events that might not be so ideal, but sometimes do happen.

Before You Take Your Trip: This is what protects your trip’s costs if you need to cancel or have an issue with booking, boarding or going for any reason — Cancellation Protection.

During Your Trip: This is what is going to protect you while you’re on your trip and any expenses that occur because of damages that might happen. This is coverage for both you and those that you’re traveling with, so everything and everyone can be covered, especially the vacation rental — Damage Protection.

Either of these options is there to provide the guest and the owner with the peace of mind needed during the stay. Not every guest gets this insurance coverage since it is not mandatory, it is important to keep in mind that it is something that you might want to consider – some rentals might request that those staying with them have it, but this is a personal choice. It can provide protection where it is needed most.

Don’t forget to take out Vrbo travel insurance if you’re going to be using the platform to advertise your property. You want everyone, including you to be covered in case of accidents or anything unforeseen. You never know what might happen when it comes to being out there and living a little. Having peace of mind as an owner, or also as a guest is the best way to go about having the best vacation and providing the best vacation rental for your guests.