Why Vacation Rentals Should Partner with Local Businesses

For short-term rental guests, planning a vacation involves so many decisions (and perhaps a heated discussion or two). From the amenities they want to enjoy to the neighborhood they want to stay in. However, one of the key factors when looking for a vacation rental is whether or not it will provide a memorable experience.

The rise of online travel agencies (OTAs), such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com, has opened up a world of possibilities for guests seeking a more personalized and immersive stay. However, in the pursuit of creating unforgettable experiences, vacation rental owners and property managers often overlook one vital aspect: partnering with local businesses, also known as ‘cross-promotion’.

Vacation rentals are more than just a place to crash; it’s an opportunity to check out the local culture, discover hidden gems, and create a meaningful connection with the destination. By collaborating with local businesses, vacation rentals can unlock various benefits for the property owners, the guests they host, the business owners, and the local economy.

So, let’s look at the top benefits for your short-term rental property when you partner with local businesses.

Firstly, what is cross-promotion?

Cross-promotion is a strategic marketing technique where two or more businesses collaborate to promote each other’s products or services. By combining their strengths and resources, they can become a dynamic duo. It’s a win-win situation where each party benefits from increased exposure and access to a wider audience.

vacation rental partnerships

If you’re starting a new short-term rental business or adding a property in a new location, this strategy can be particularly helpful when trying to get your brand name out there.

Top 10 benefits of teaming up with local businesses

Vacation rentals have a unique opportunity to provide memorable experiences and encourage community engagement. By forging partnerships with local businesses, vacation rentals can unlock a range of benefits:

1. It’s a low-risk marketing strategy with high rewards

Companies that partner with one another can grow rapidly with little risk through free cross-promotion campaigns. For example, reciprocal email and social media campaigns take up little time—and money—so both partners can try it without much hassle.

Above all, to maintain this as a low-risk strategy, build relevant partnerships that will interest your guests.

2. Maximize your customer base – and booking potential

In most cases, vacation rental guests are from out of town. Whether that’s the next city or a completely different country, it doesn’t matter. Through joint marketing initiatives, cross-promotions, and social media campaigns, both vacation rentals and local businesses can expand their reach and attract new customers.

local business

3. Enhance your brand exposure

Partner marketing is a great way to achieve visibility for your brand in the local community while enhancing the reputation of your vacation rental. Plus, as word-of-mouth recommendations are free – you aren’t having to actively invest in this type of marketing to see results!

Additionally, by partnering with well-respected local businesses, vacation rentals can build trust and credibility among guests.

Bonus tip: Be sure to place your partner’s logo on your website and ask them to do the same for you!

4. Elevate guest experiences to new heights

While most of the advantages of cross-promotion and partner marketing are related to increasing reach and getting your brand noticed, it’s also important to consider its positive impact on the guest experience.

Providing incoming guests with an approved list of personalized recommendations with which you, the owner, have a professional relationship will impress guests and help them feel confident in your abilities as a vacation rental business. Details like these can also encourage them to leave glowing reviews upon departure.

5. Offer an authentic, local flavor

By partnering with local businesses, vacation rentals can offer guests an authentic experience that goes beyond mere sightseeing. Whether it’s a cozy cabin in the mountains or a beachfront villa, guests crave the opportunity to discover the essence of the destination they are visiting.

Collaborating with local businesses such as restaurants, cafes, tour operators, and artisans allows vacation rentals to showcase the best of the local culture, cuisine, and activities. This creates a memorable and immersive experience for guests.

local businesses

6. Less stress and more convenience

As a local business, being a vacation rental partner can greatly enhance the convenience for guests. Vacationers often seek recommendations for dining options, shopping, nearby attractions, and local services. By forming partnerships, vacation rental hosts can provide guests with curated lists of trusted businesses that align with their interests and preferences.

From suggesting the best local eateries to arranging transportation services or organizing guided tours, vacation rentals become a reliable resource for guests, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable stay.

7. Amp up your ‘wow’ factor

In a crowded hospitality market, vacation rentals face the challenge of standing out and offering a unique experience. Partnering with local businesses allows vacation rentals to offer exclusive services and personalized experiences to their guests.

For instance, collaborations with local spas can provide in-house massages and wellness treatments, while partnerships with local vineyards can offer wine tastings and vineyard tours. These exclusive offerings create a sense of luxury, making the vacation rental more appealing and memorable to guests.

wellness class

8. Get in your neighbors’ good books and support the local economy

Partnering with local businesses is not only beneficial for vacation rentals and their guests but also for the local community. By promoting local businesses, vacation rentals contribute to the area’s economic growth.

Small-scale entrepreneurs, artisans, and family-owned establishments receive increased exposure and business through these partnerships. These relationships help to create a sense of community and sustainable tourism, benefiting both hosts and the local economy in the long run.

9. Create meaningful relationships with other businesses

Collaborating with local businesses is more than just a marketing tactic; it’s an opportunity to build meaningful relationships. These partnerships can evolve into long-term connections that benefit both parties. By nurturing these bonds, you create a network of support and referral opportunities, ensuring a steady stream of guests in the future.

10. Boost your business’s bottom line

Unsurprisingly, increasing interest and generating more bookings for your business will bring you higher profits overall. By collaborating with local suppliers, rentals can negotiate favorable rates for services and products, ensuring cost-effective operations.

short term rental partner

Key takeaways

Partnering with local businesses and running cross-promotions is a very fruitful and economical way to drive more traffic to your website and secure more bookings. Provided you pick relevant partners, it is also a reliable method of making your brand known in your area and helping you to stand out from the competition. Whether you’re a newbie vacation rental owner or a seasoned pro, consider the power of local partnerships.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! This is something we try to help vacation rental owners and managers do at yoomondo.com!

  2. Another great post Jess. Another major reason to hook up with local businesses is the huge potential to boost your local SEO with local link building. This is an inexpensive, influential and generally overlooked strategy to boost your local rankings and position your company in Google’s local pack where the ‘big boys’ generally can’t reach.

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