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“Stay Here” Netflix

Lodgify on Netflix “Stay Here” to Help Owners Kick-Off their Vacation Rental Businesses

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Netflix has just released a binge-worthy home-renovation TV show for all those looking to start or update their own vacation rental properties.

This show might seem like all the other renovation shows: people that have houses but want to update it and get a TV show to help them improve it. However, in this show, “Stay here” not only improves their properties but also teaches the owners how to run their businesses. With the help of Lodgify, they also get their own websites, activate their channel manager connections with Airbnb and kick off their vacation rental businesses!

What is “Stay Here”?

The Netflix original series “Stay Here” is a new take on fix and flip TV. In this program, presenters Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer teach vacation rental owners how to increase their profits and improve the guest experience by updating their properties.

Gorder is most well-known for the TLC series, “Trading Spaces”, as well as a handful of other interior design TV shows. Peter Lorimer is the real estate expert behind PLG Estates and describes himself as a “punk rock” broker.

This new Netflix series marks a turning point for the vacation rental industry. The impact Airbnb has had on the way people travel has now extended to mainstream television. Not only does Stay Here transform the properties of eight vacation rental owners into money-makers, but it also gives them actionable tips on how to run their businesses successfully via marketing, branding and experiences.


Genevieve and Peter have been called in to revamp eight, unique short-term rental properties which are not living up to their potential. The main tasks at hand are to make the rentals pop and stand out from the other listings in their area, as well teach the homeowners how they can make their businesses a success.

Gorder takes the reins with revamping the properties by analyzing each one to maximize space and meet guests’ needs – while simultaneously transforming them into instagrammable havens. Meanwhile, Lorimer considers each rental’s business plan by providing the owners with accurate data regarding their competition, helping them to define their own goals and introducing them to marketing strategies such as SEO, blogging and paid advertising.


Ultimately, the hosts on “Stay Here” come together to teach these vacation rental owners how to increase their revenue and offer unique, memorable guest experiences – from vineyard pruning in California to the best chili dogs in Washington.

One of the principal messages to take away from the show is the importance of marketing vacation rentals well in order to stand out from the competition. Lodgify is proud to have participated in Stay Here, helping the owners to build their brands and launch their professional, bookable business websites along the way.

Besides listing on the big online travel agencies which are great for exposure, having a vacation rental website which connects with these listings not only gives guests a place to book directly to avoid commissions, it also provides owners with a central system to manage all their bookings.

Above all, a vacation rental website should aim to have professional, high-quality photographs which show off the property, a solid description to fill in any gaps that may not be explicit in the photos and stunning reviews from past guests as these can be an influencing factor that drives conversion (and more bookings!).


As no two properties featured on Stay Here are alike, the renovations carried out vary massively from home to home. While some needed a complete overhaul, start-from-scratch makeover, others simply needed a slight update to the decor and some marketing know-how to get back on track.

With the property refurbishment taken care of, the Netflix show’s hosts turned their attention to transforming these properties into viable short-term rental businesses. Now armed with their reformed, stunning properties, the owners needed to learn how to market it and start receiving their first guests. One of the ways in which they were able to do this was with the help of Lodgify’s vacation rental software.

Stay Here Rentals & Websites

When it comes to bookings, property owners can’t put all their eggs in one basket and can’t rely on one source for all their bookings. They have to keep in mind that just like entrepreneurs, they have to start with building their brand and provide an experience that their competitors cannot.

With the help of Lodgify’s vacation rental software, the “Stay here” property owners were able to begin building their websites and brands, getting ready to promote their property online. They can now dedicate more time to their guests with the confidence that their online business is running smoothly on autopilot in the background.

Episode 1: Seattle Houseboat

Stay Here transformed this tattered Seattle houseboat into a romantic, cozy and “hygge” home, which now has a feeling of a boutique hotel in Europe. They actively promote their brand using the hashtag #seattlelakesidelovenest on their website, listing profiles and across social media so that guests can easily find them.

Episode 2: Malibu Beach House

This property already had a great starting point with its location and million-dollar ocean view, but by adding different “social media moments” and Pinterest-y spots around the house, Stay Here were able to create unforgettable photo opportunities for incoming guests. Besides this, the addition of a second bedroom has upped the property’s value and appeal for couples, small groups and families alike.

Episode 3: Austin Pool Pad

This traditional Victorian house in Austin’s trendy SoCo area had anything but charm before it was renovated. The Netflix show completely revamped the property by adding amenities that any traveler would love – such as a cast iron BBQ for a true Texan cookout, games room with retro foosball and Pac-Man, as well as an enviable outdoor area with ample seating.

Episode 4: Brooklyn Brownstone

Gordy, the vacation rental owner of Yellow Block BnB, had one thing clear: he didn’t want to spike the prices just because he was getting his property refurbished. Yellow Block BnB, therefore, remains a highly affordable NYC accommodation option in the Brooklyn area – close to Bed-Sty attractions and just a short metro ride from Manhattan. The house is rare among other properties in the New York area thanks to the number of bedrooms and baths – making it an ideal space for traveling groups. The #StayHere redesign of the kitchen and common areas make Yellow Block a highly comfortable and social experience.

Episode 5: Paso Robles Wine Country Cottage

Thanks to the Netflix vacation rental show, this once “higgledy-piggledy” California cottage is now an upmarket rental for destination weddings and authentic wine country experiences in an elegant-yet-rustic outdoors setting. While the cottage itself is small and compact, the private landscaped garden looks out onto over 40 acres of vineyards – providing the perfect backdrop for a rosé wine tasting.

Episode 6: Hudson River Carriage House

Dating back to 1842, this property is a real piece of Hudson history. By adding a self-contained unit to the ground floor of the Hudson Carriage House, Stay Here helped owner Alex to instantly boost his renting potential. Now guests can either enjoy a stay in the entire home, or in one of two separate rental units in the property.

Episode 7: Palm Springs Time Machine

A true time capsule, this 1969 property was already very well preserved before Netflix came into the picture. During the show, however, the kitchen underwent a radical change to bring it back to the 1970s to match the rest of the property’s look and feel. As the Huffington Post said, “Move over, Barbie. There’s a new dream house in town.” The Palm Springs Time Machine has a USP that no other rental in the area can beat: an “almost perfect” preservation of colorful 70s California style.

Episode 8: DC Firehouse

A property like no other – the restyling of the DC Firehouse by the Stay Here team has taken it from a worn-out bachelor pad to a luxe, history-rich residence. In reimagining the space in this way, it now has a warm and welcoming reception area and sleeping quarters up to 10 travelers. By bringing the property’s past into the rental, it gives guests a chance to interact with the historical importance of staying in DC’s first all African-American firehouse.

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