Vacation Rental Guide / What is TripAdvisor?

What is TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor is an American online travel company specializes in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

The website has almost 500 million monthly average users that can book accommodation, flights, restaurants and activities worldwide.

Its “core business”, and the reason for its popularity, are reviews. Tripadvisor is actually the world’s largest container of user-generated reviews that are written and read daily. The reviews are used as a decision making factor by millions of travelers when choosing where to eat or stay. This alone says why having a good reputation on TripAdvisor makes the difference.

The different filters and search options give users the chance to find exact type of accommodation or travel they are looking for. At the same time, they can compare hotels, restaurants and vacation rentals through reviews and star ratings in the area.

Tripadvisor for vacation rentals

tripadvisor rentals

To meet the growing user’s search needs, TripAdvisor started focusing a lot more on the hospitality industry.

Vacation rentals represent an important part of this industry, so TripAdvisor decided to dedicate a whole section of its website to meet this growing demand.

TripAdvisor vacation rentals showcase various types of vacation rentals such as villas, cabins, condos, beach rentals, cottages and much more. Furthermore, travelers can browse vacation rentals based on the specific location.

This means that travelers interested in spending their holidays in a vacation rental will use TripAdvisor as a source of information and comparison to decide if the property and area is ideal for their stay.

Owners who list their properties on TripAdvisor (aka. TripAdvisor hosts) will benefit from the website’s worldwide exposure to promote their rentals and make sure they are not missing out on competitors.

Why become a TripAdvisor vacation rental owner?

As a vacation rental owner, there are many benefits to listing a rental on TripAdvisor. First, its huge amount of users. As previously stated, there are currently almost 500 million users who use TripAdvisor every month.

Its website is available in 56 countries and in over 28 languages. Therefore, when marketing a rental on TripAdvisor, the property will be advertised globally. This allows the property to have the maximum possible exposure and increases potential revenue for homeowners.

How does TripAdvisor work for homeowners?

tripadvisor home rentals

Signing up on TripAdvisor and registering a vacation rental property is pretty simple.

After creating an account on its portal, homeowners can post their listing on the website and start advertising their property.

Publishing a listing on TripAdvisor is completely free for owners. The cost for property owners to list their properties on TripAdvisor is commission based. Hosts pay a 3% commission fee per booking received.

The final commission amount is deducted directly from the guest’s payment which is securely processed on TripAdvisor’s website. Guests can send a booking request on TripAdvisor, and the owner also has the chance to send them a quote.

After a traveler has shown interest in a property, TripAdvisor notifies the owner via email or through the mobile app. Guest’s messages can be handled and replied directly within TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor’s payout for hosts is available 24 hours after the guest’s check-in

How do I log into my TripAdvisor account as an owner?

The login process for TripAdvisor homeowners is quite easy. After creating the account, owners are given their credentials details. Should hosts have any problems, we’ve created an intuitive step-by-step guide to explain how the TripAdvisor owner login works