Chapter 1

The Ultimate Airbnb Host Guide

Airbnb is a vacation rental website that is dedicated to allowing people to rent their home and gives travelers the opportunity to find and book the perfect non-hotel vacation accommodation in any city.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a community network that makes it easy for vacation rental owners to list their apartment, house or bedroom. It allows guests to search through many property listings and then book the one that appeals most to them. One of the greatest advantages for travelers using Airbnb is the variety of options in types of vacation properties. These listings are not focused on traditional accommodations like hotels or motels, but rather take into account the private apartment.

The platform allows owners to put all of their property listings in one place and conveniently manage them from there. Owners don’t have to have any technical or marketing knowledge to use the site. All of the resources that are needed to effectively list accommodation are readily available for the owner on the platform.

How Easy is Airbnb to Use?

The Airbnb platform is easy for both owners and guests to register on, which then allows them to take advantage of the benefits and features that this online site has to offer. It is easy to navigate around and it provides all the information a guest needs to make an informed decision. Its ease of use saves the owner time in managing their home and allows them to maintain a competitive business.

Airbnb Host

Becoming an Airbnb host means that you are a vacation rental owner or manager who wants to list their properties on the site. With the number of daily visitors that this vacation rental community platform gets, it means that these properties are constantly exposed to a very large number of people who are potential renters. It offers owners many different tools and options to perfect their listings. It gives hosts the ability to manage their rentals as well as receive payments for their travel business easily. There are different types of hosting options available for vacation rental owners.

Airbnb Contact

Both owners and guests are able to contact Airbnb representatives by telephone or mail. To make contact via email, the user must be signed in. Guests will usually receive a contact number when they receive their confirmation email. This is the best number to use if you’re a guest wanting to contact the company via telephone.

In most cases, it is not necessary to contact Airbnb directly because there is a very extensive help center set up on the website which is broken down into main categories. Each of them answers specific questions that are the most commonly asked.

This section also provides a lot of step-by-step directions to follow, assisting users with all aspects of the site.

Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb has a great section of their platform for both host reviews and guest reviews. These are equally important.

Host Reviews

Guests get the chance to post a review about their experience which other travelers find to be most valuable in helping them make their decisions. It gives them a chance to share what they liked and maybe didn’t like about their rental experience on the whole, or even with specifics like the city or how much money they spent.

Owners appreciate the fact that travelers get the chance to leave a review and even encourage it. This gives more exposure to their site. If there is something negative concerning the property, he can address this in the reviews they get to submit concerning the travelers.

Guest Reviews

The host also gets the chance to leave a review about the guest who rented their home. Unlike with a hotel, this is important for the guests as it testifies to their credibility in the event they want to book rentals again from this platform.

Airbnb Competitors

There is a variety of different types of Airbnb competitors. The listings that are found on this vacation network allow travelers other options besides the traditional forms of accommodations such as hotels. For example, travelers get to rent holiday lodgings such as apartments, rooms, or villas. Airbnb is aptly able to compete against the standard forms of places to stay for travelers because of this wide range of choices.

Another type of competition that the platform also faces with is other sites that are offering alternative accommodations to travelers. There are several of these that vary in what they have to offer, as well as the number of visitors that use their vacation rental resources.

What puts Airbnb ahead of many of their competitors is the ease of use of their website for all users.

Hosts find that it is easy to register on the site. Once they do, then they have full access to the dashboard which allows them to fully manage their rental. They are provided with a full selection of tools to work with which helps them to save time and scales up their productivity.

Guests enjoy the site visit experience that is offered to them as they make use of the site. There is plenty of resource information available to them to assist them with their reservations. They find the site easy to navigate around which saves them time in making their property rental choice.

The payment platform offered is secure and easy for both parties.

These are all important factors that have to be considered when being compared to their competitors.

Airbnb Insurance

Airbnb is a problem solver for hosts in many different ways. One of the potential problems that owners are faced with is possible damage done to their property. It is always advised that hosts have their own insurance protection but Airbnb likes to provide additional coverage.

This extra protection for hosts is offered through their Airbnb Insurance program. This helps to protect against some of the damages that can occur when renting a vacation property. It does not replace standard insurance and does come with some rules and restrictions.

There are no extra costs for this program and it is available for any owners that is using the Airbnb platform. Understanding what is covered by this guarantee ensures that hosts know when they have the right to make a claim. When a claim is justified the process for submitting the claim is quick and easy.

With protection like this in place, it allows hosts to be more comfortable in accepting bookings. In addition to this, Airbnb also has Host Protection Insurance which is only applicable to some countries.