Chapter 4

Cancellation Policy

The Airbnb host cancellation option is dictated by set rules that are put in place by the vacation rental platform.

Guests put a great deal of trust in the owners that use the platform. Once a traveler decides has booked a property, they are under the assumption that their travel accommodation has been looked after. If for some reason, an Airbnb host decides to go ahead with canceling, this can make it an unpleasant experience for the guest.

An Airbnb host cancellation is where a property owner cancels the booking that a guest has made for their property. The steps the owner needs to take to cancel the reservation are quite simple. After logging into the Airbnb website, the owner navigates to their reservation section. The next step is to find the reservation that needs canceling. There is a link pertaining to this reservation that will allow for a change or cancellation. Selecting the “cancel” option will begin the process.

The Cost for Using Airbnb Host Cancellation

Airbnb does not like to see cancellations because of the negative impact that it can have on travelers. Although it is understood that perhaps, on the rare occasion, some owners may not have any other option because of extenuating circumstances. Airbnb has implemented a cancellation policy that includes a penalty so that a proprietor who is canceling will have to pay. They do, however, give an allowance of one cancellation within a six-month period whereby no penalties will be levied against hosts who canceled within this time frame.

The Airbnb Fees for Host Cancellation

After the first free cancellation has been implemented, they will now have to pay for any other cancellation. If this is done prior to seven days before the guest is to check in, then the penalty will be $50. If the proprietor cancels within one week, there will be a penalty fee of $100. These fees will be taken off the subsequent amount that would be paid by the site.

Airbnb wants to retain their reputation of providing good experiences for both travelers and owners and feels that the cancellation fees help to protect this.

Additional Airbnb Host Cancellation Repercussions

It will be noted on the host’s profile that they carried through with a cancellation. While these automated reviews stay on the profile permanently, they can write a clarification as to why this took place if needed.

In addition to this, the calendar that is used for the bookings will have this cancellation period for the property blocked. This means that owners will not be able to rent out the property on the platform for that time period.

For those that are hoping to earn their Superhost status, this will be delayed for one year beginning from the date of the latest cancellation.

Exceptions for Instant Book Hosts

Those hosts who use the instant book option for their listing may not have to pay the penalty if they indicate that they are worried about the way people may behave or have other reservation concerns. In order to go through with the cancellation in this circumstance, the owner needs to go to the reservation and click on the change or cancel option, then indicate the reason. Airbnb will then strive to find a replacement guess for this time period.


For travelers who have been subject to a cancellation, there may be a few options for their refund. If they wish to reserve another property, then the money will be transferred to this reservation rather than being refunded. In lieu of this, guests can ask for a full refund. If the cancellation took place on a reservation that was four weeks away, then no refund request is needed as this will be done automatically.