Chapter 3

Airbnb Owner Login

Logging into your own space on the Airbnb platform is quick and easy, but first you will need to open an account.

Before we get into that, it’s important you know the following:

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However, we know how important it is to be on listing sites – especially when you’re getting started. And that’s why our Channel manager integrates directly with websites like Airbnb! Here’s what you need to know to log into their website:

How to Use the Airbnb Owner Login

Airbnb has made navigating their site super easy. As well as being able to access lots of useful content across the blog and other pages, for hosts, the Airbnb Owner login is just as easy. Airbnb guests also use their own login when they want to access the site. There are some great opportunities on Airbnb for a host to generate income from their vacation rentals, so knowing how to log in and access your account is important.

Steps for Easy Airbnb Login

Step 1: Navigate to the Airbnb login page.

Step 2: As a host, you have three choices for logging into the platform. You can log in using your Facebook account, your Google account, or you can use your email and password that you registered with when opening your account. You will need this information to get access to the site to post your listing or to deal with a guest inquiry.

Step 3: You are also given the option of clicking the “Remember me” box. This way, you won’t need to go through the second step each time you log in to your Airbnb owner account, though it’s only recommended if you are using a personal, private computer.

You Have an Account but You Forgot Your Password?

If you don’t remember your password, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is click on the blue “Forgot password?” link located right underneath the password field and you will be redirected to the “Reset password” page. Once you do this, you will just need to input the email address you used to register to your Airbnb account and click on “Send reset link”. You will then receive an email containing a link which will allow you to reset your password from scratch.

Tips for Making Your Airbnb Login Easier

Although the login format for this vacation rental platform is really easy, on occasion some rental owners can run into some difficulties. These are usually easily corrected and with some of these tips, you can prevent potential problems.

Check That the Email Used Is Correct

When you are filling out your account profile, make sure that you use the same email account that you will be using when logging in. If you have difficulties with your login, remember the site can always send you instructions to assist you.

You may want to make a note of your log in details in case you do forget them. An alternative is to use software that will log you into any of your accounts automatically. Some of these programs allow you to check your login data in case you forget details, too.

Don’t open two accounts so you can list your home just because you forget the login details for the first one. This can cause problems for you when you go to register your properties. Plus, it can confuse the Airbnb system when they are sending out details to the hosts.

Make Sure Your Login Details Are Secured

Make sure that you don’t give any of your login details to another person or to a guest. This could cause serious problems for your rental business if they happen to change your login details. They would also have access to all of your reservation information and could interfere with a booking.

Also, some users like to use their social media sign in like Facebook whenever they can for logging in to sites including Airbnb. However, again for security purposes, you may want to generate new and distinct log in information for this site. This way if your Facebook login data becomes compromised, your Airbnb account is still protected.

Don’t Use an Easy Password

Hosts may be tempted to use an easy password for memory purposes. Though you should always follow good security procedures and use a difficult password so that it can’t be copied. You don’t want the data you are providing to Airbnb to be accessed by anyone else.

Additional Login Help

If you are not able to retrieve your instructions through an email to help you with your login, then you may want to contact Airbnb customer service. This can be a bit of a challenge because there is no specific place that you can go to on the main website to contact them. Normally you would do this through your host dashboard. There is a solution though, and that is contacting them through their telephone contacts. You can check to see if there is a specific number for your region. If not, then you can contact their head office. Once you talk to a representative, then you should be able to get the help you need.

You can also check out some of the host reviews that have been posted by some users who have had difficulty logging in.

Airbnb is a great platform for you to use to make money from renting your vacation property. You want to make sure that using it remains as easy as it is meant to be, as you will be able to reach a lot of people who want travel accommodations. You can do this by making sure that fill out the account information correctly and keep track of your login information in a safe place.