Chapter 2

How to Become an Airbnb Host

When a vacation rental owner becomes an Airbnb host, it means they are able to expose their rental property to an even larger travel audience.

16Airbnb is a vacation property rental platform that allows people to list their rental homes or spare rooms on the site. It is an ideal website to help any rental owner to make some money. Guests can find and rent the perfect type of vacation accommodation for themselves in all parts of the world. They charge some very reasonable host fees for allowing owners to use their platform and all information can be found online.

Different Hosting Options

Airbnb offers three different types of options for those who wish to become a host. In fact, you don’t even have to be the actual property owner to take advantage of some of them. Even if you just have a spare room in your house, you may want to consider renting it.

Renting Your Space on Airbnb

If you have a rental property that you would like to list for guests using the platform, then you need to begin by registering with the site. Once that is done, you can then log in and begin to create your listing. Your listing is the presentation of your rental property and what it has to offer. It will be comprised of images that you can easily upload, and a full exciting (but honest) description of the property.

As a host, you will have to set the house rules for your guests and determine during what periods the property is available for booking. Hosting on the site is easy, as the platform contains all types of tools to assist owners from start to finish. Both guests and hosts have the opportunity to leave reviews which gives even greater exposure to your rental.

For those that are new to renting, there is always some concern about damage, especially when renting out the property to an unknown guest. In order to create some peace of mind, Airbnb offers a host guarantee. This is extra coverage (aside from your regular insurance) helps protect you financially in case of damage. There are some rules concerning the use of this coverage, but it is comforting for hosts knowing that it is there in case they need it. There are some other rules that need to be learned concerning hosting, such as host cancellation, but they are fairly straightforward.

Becoming a Co-Host

Not everyone has a property that would allow them to become an Airbnb host. In this case, it is possible to become a co-host. What this means, is that people who are interested in renting can offer co-hosting services for those who do own vacation rentals in their area. There are many different ways a co-host can get involved. These individuals can take responsibilities such as screening guests and answering guest queries. They can also have a hands-on approach by getting it ready for renting. An agreement is made between the Host and Co-Host for payment for the Co-host services, and then Airbnb makes sure that the Co-Host gets paid.

As a host, you may find having a co-host to be of great advantage. Even though the platform is really easy to use, hosting does take time and a commitment. If, as a travel property owner, you don’t have this extra time to commit to your responsibilities as a host, then a Co-host would definitely be a big help. Also, this extra individual who has time to dedicate to what is needed for good hosting practice on Airbnb could even set you up as Airbnb superhost. Those hosts that are able to achieve this status on Airbnb usually are far more successful with their rental business.

Hosting an Experience

If you want to become more interactive as a host, you also now have the opportunity to host an experience. This is where you get to plan an event for guests that are renting a vacation property in your area. To take advantage of this, you need to plan the experience you want to offer. Then submit it to Airbnb and they will take you through to the next step. There are plenty of host tips on Airbnb to help any type of host to both get started and to be successful.

Airbnb has gained an excellent reputation for being an easy to use rental platform. It takes complex technical equipment and programming like Smart Host to keep a site as big as this flowing smoothly and being able to create great user experiences for both owners and guests.