Chapter 7

Airbnb FAQ

Airbnb caters to both owners who want to rent their vacation property and to guests who are looking to rent great accommodations.

As a property manager running a vacation rental business, you first want to familiarize yourself with the community network platform. This is a great place to list your home if you are looking to easily rent your home or spare room to travelers. To get to know the website, your starting point should be the Airbnb “Getting Started” Section. This section will then allow you to visit subsections of how Airbnb works, How to Travel, and How to Host.

As an owner/manager, the “How to Host” section will be your first interest, as it will guide you through how to complete a listing. However, you may want to check out the other sections that pertain to the travelers who are going to use the site for finding properties. This way you get a good idea of how they will use the site. Then you will be able to plan better on how to attract the people who are looking to travel and want to rent property.

You will also find important information concerning how transactions are handled and protected. It will provide you with better insight to prepare your profile. There is also a lot of information that you will want to check out regarding the requirements for using the platform as an owner.

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If you’re a Lodgify customer and want to connect via API with Airbnb, please get in touch with our customer support team. For more information: Connect Lodgify to Airbnb

How to Become an Airbnb Host

The “How to Host” FAQ section will be specific to your search location. For example, if you are viewing this information from Canada then the information that Airbnb provides you with will be based on your region. When you arrive on the landing pages for hosts, it will provide you with all the information you need to know about hosting and it will allow you to register as a host. All of the details that you are going to need are collected here. It is easy for you to get started and to learn the basics, such as how money is handled in regards to the payments for your property. You have access to this information at all times when you are using Airbnb to rent your property.

Airbnb FAQ for Guests: The Details

Travelers looking for vacation rental listings find the platform easy to use. Though one area of the website that all travelers should take the time to review is the guest Airbnb FAQ section. When you click on this link in the help section, it will take you to a page with some additional choices for you to check out. These are Finding A Place, Booking A Place, Paying And Your Trip. In addition to this, you will want to check out the rules section for travelers.

Finding a Place

This section offers answers to frequently asked questions by travelers. The answers for doubts under this section will take you to pages that are full of detailed and applicable information. This information is always available, so you can check it out any time day or night that you want.

Booking a Place and Paying

This section will give you some additional answers to queries which ensure you completely understand how to use the platform. It contains exactly what you need to know in order to book the trip accommodation of your choice using the platform.

Your Airbnb Trip

This section is particularly helpful for first-time travelers. It answers all travelers’ basic doubts. Not only will it help you to plan your trip, but it will also help you deal with some common circumstances that can arise like changing your plans or problem-solving. There are plenty of opportunities to find a house through this community platform. This is one of the reasons you want to become totally familiar with it before renting a place.

General FAQ Information

Aside from there being the specific topics that are applicable to both hosts and travelers, there are many different sections to provide general information. On each page, there is usually an additional number of topics that you may be interested in checking out.

In the main sidebar of the FAQ section, there is an entire list of additional topics that are important for you to review. These are topics such as host guarantee, airbnb taxes and policies, just to name a few.

If you are having difficulty finding exactly what you are looking for, then there is a search option available for you. At the top of most pages within the Airbnb FAQ network section there is a “How Can We Help” search bar where you can type in any specific queries or keywords.