Chapter 11

Airbnb Cleaning Fee for Hosts

Wondering what the cleaning fee on Airbnb is? Cleaning fees help hosts that are offering their rentals account for any extra expenses that might come with getting their listing ready for guests to come and stay or perhaps after guests have left the rental. These fees are used so owners can clean the rental whether it is by buying the necessary cleaning supplies or hiring a cleaning service to come in and do the cleaning prior to having other guests to stay in the rental property.

There is no Airbnb cleaning fee policy that is set in place. After taking care of setting a proper house rules list, the owner of the rental property has the choice to include this fee or not, though the fees will not only be shown to guests it is also subject to fees that are taken at the end of the reservation when the total amount has been paid in full by guests.

The average cleaning fee on Airbnb depends on not only the size of the property but other factors, as well. It is important to use resources out there to find out what they are able to provide you with according to their standards and what they feel is fair to charge for the property, given the many different variables that come with it.

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How to Add the Airbnb Cleaning Fee

Apart from setting a security deposit, having an Airbnb cleaning fee is something that can help you cover any and all costs that are associated with cleaning the vacation rental before and after visitors. The fee can cover a number of expenses associated with cleaning, allowing you to save more money when this task has to be done.

To add a cleaning fee to your property listing:
1. Go to Your Listings on your account page on Airbnb.

2. Click on the Pricing tab located at the top of the page and then next to where it says Cleaning Fee, click on Edit.

3. Enter how much you want to charge for the cleaning fee, depending on what you pay a cleaning service or what you spend on cleaning products and time and then click Save.

This cleaning fee that you have put in is only added to those reservations that are booked after the change was made, those booked prior to the change will not be charged the fee. This is important to keep in mind, as those that have already booked the property, even if it is not paid for yet, are not subject to pay the new cleaning fee that was not finalized before they booked.

All about the Airbnb Cleaning Fee

When you are putting the Airbnb cleaning fee into your price, you will have to keep some tips in mind.

This is because you want to offer the best price to your guests but you also want to ensure that you cover any overhead costs associated with offering this price to them.

  • Cleaning fees are not added to any Special Offers that you send to any guests that you are accommodating with a special price, so you need to ensure that this is something factored into an all-inclusive price for your guests.
  • The cleaning fee is part of the total for the entire reservation and it is not returned to the guests and it is kept by the owner to use for cleaning purposes of the rental.
  • When the guests are looking for rental properties, they will see the nightly rate for your rental which includes the cleaning fee that you have added to it divided by the number of nights that they have in the reservation. When they submit their request for the reservation on that particular property, it will give them a breakdown of the Airbnb cleaning fee per day and the nightly cost in the totals.
  • Since the cleaning fee is part of the total payment from the guest for the vacation rental and it is part of the Airbnb host payout, there are service fees that apply to the total cleaning amount at the end of the booking process.