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How to use TripAdvisor Owner Login

When listing a rental on TripAdvisor, the TripAdvisor Owner Login page is where homeowners can manage their property, bookings, calendar and listings. Hosts can also upload photos, write listing descriptions and respond to reviews.

How to list on Tripadvisor?

There are no fees that need to be paid initially when advertising a property through Tripadvisor. There are 7 sections to complete in order to list a vacation rental on TripAdvisor:

Step 1. Location of the property: the full address. Homeowners need to fill in the address of their rental. Hosts have the option of choosing whether guests can find the exact location on the map or see the location area. This enables travelers to search for rentals by destination.

Step 2. Property details: everything there is to know about the rental. The property type (house, villa, apartment), how many bedrooms and bathrooms, maximum occupancy, etc.

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The host can add features and facilities such as pool, AC and parking. This section is also where the owner writes the name of the property and the property description. Here owners can advertise their rental in their own words and make the place stand out to visitors.

This section also asks the host for their tourist license number or state tax ID.

Step 3. Rate, taxes and fees: owners can set the currency and minimum night stay. The rate can be set nightly, weekly and monthly. There are advanced settings that allow the host to charge a higher amount for groups or require a checkout or changeover day.

The listing owner can also add season rates, in which they can choose a starting date and ending date and alter minimum nights stay, again by nightly, weekly or monthly. The owner can add extra fees such as cleaning fee or a custom fee of their choice

For taxes and fees, the host must put the percentage of local taxes that need to be collected. Tripadvisor are not responsible for taxes. The host must collect and pay taxes.

Step 4. Booking policies: This section entails all the policies available on Tripadvisor that the host can implement on their listing and for the guest to comply with. Here is a list of policies included with TripAdvisor:

  • Booking deposit: Hosts have the option to take a booking deposit, in which they can choose a percentage to take at the time of booking, and can choose the number of days the balance is due before check-in.
  • Cancellation policies: the type of policies that hosts choose for the guests include relaxed, flexible, moderate, strict and super strict.
  • Rental agreement: hosts can use Tripadvisor’s standard rental agreement or implement their own.
  • Damage deposit: owners can select the amount in which they can claim in case the guests cause damage
  • Guest requirements: similar to property details in step 2, hosts specify the guest requirements, whether the rental suitable for kids, if pets are allowed and smoking is permitted onsite. Owners can also add their own house rules
  • Arrival and departure times: the user puts in check-in and check-out times for guests. There is also an option to have flexible times.

Step 5. Photos: A minimum of 4 photos are required to list a rental on Tripadvisor. Here hosts can post as many photos as they want of their vacation rental. It’s recommended to include all the rooms available to the guests, the communal areas, and the exterior of the property.

Step 6. Payment settings: Tripadvisor has to verify the host’s phone number, and will text the host in the future in case there are changes to payout settings or new interest from travelers.

The host must add in their mailing address and desired payment method. If the host chooses Paypal, the payment will be received 1 business day after guests have checked in. For a standard bank transfer, hosts get paid 5 days after guests check-in.

Step 7. Review and post: in the final section, the host must complete all the property details. If anything is missing or has not been completed, it will be visible here. The host must review everything, and once all is completed, they can post the listing. It is then live on the Tripadvisor website to start receiving bookings.

TripAdvisor Owner App

Tripadvisor provides a mobile app for homeowners to use on the go. The app is called Vacation Rentals Owner App and is available to download in the App Store on iPhone or Google Play Android devices.

Once the app has been downloaded, the host must log in with their TripAdvisor account and is asked whether they wish to receive notifications. When the app has been downloaded and the user has logged in, hosts can see messages, booking requests and inquiries on their mobile phone.

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TripAdvisor provides free tools for vacation rental owners to grow their business. Hosts are able to track the performance of their business through TripAdvisor’s analytics and key insights. This enables homeowners to analyze their business.