How to become a property manager for vacation rentals

how to become a property manager

It is best to not only take a course on property management but also on vacation rental management. This will provide you with more information regarding what needs to be done and the specific tools you are going to need when you do become a vacation property manager. By taking these courses, you can easily find out whether or not this is the right career for you to go with. With the right training, as well as a management course, you can not only get hired through a vacation property management company but you can also start your own property management business with the right business classes.

There are a couple of ways that a person can become a property manager for vacation rentals or other types of properties. Depending on how much time the person has and which route seems more appealing, they’re easily able to find a way that works with them. Both certifications are ideal to have for many reasons and people find that it allows them to have the creative freedom that other jobs are not able to provide them with. They also get to work with a diverse amount of people which is something that is enjoyable for most that go into property management for vacation rentals.

Become a certified property manager

In some U.S. states, you’ll have to be a real estate professional that has been certified by the National Association of Realtors, have their Realtors License and attend at least two IREM Chapter meetings or events within a year. Once you get your CPM or Certified Property Manager approval, they also have to have an interview and then also be approved by the local IREM Chapter for the area. That’s when you’ll be given their CPM certification.

In order to get a Realtors License, you’ll have to go through the pre-licensing course, as well as taking the test. Once the test is taken, you then need to pass to obtain the license. The property information has to be something that the person understands and knows in order to pass and become certified to sell and buy homes. Becoming a part of the National Association of Realtors is also highly recommended, as this shows you’re a professional in the real estate field.

You have to learn the ins and outs, the regulations, insurance, safety, and rules that go into not only selling and buying homes but also vacation properties and short-term or long-term leasing. These specifics are required to ensure that the person is able to handle all of the regulations and paperwork that is required depending on the transaction that is going to be made between the people that are selling, buying or renting the property.

Property management license

Although not all property managers in the vacation rental industry need licenses, there are several certifications you can get to boost your resumé:

  • CPM is a property management certification given to someone once they have gone through the necessary requirements needed to fulfill the management position requested. Usually, these consist of the property management courses. By obtaining this property management license, you’re real estate certified and able to buy and sell homes. You will have to go through schooling, certification classes, and courses, as well as obtain a bachelor’s degree in order to qualify for this type of certification since they have to become a realtor prior to becoming a property manager that is certified.
  • RPA is another type of property management certification that an individual is able to obtain. This stands for Real Property Administrator. It is given through the Building Owners and Managers Institute and for those that want to get into property management on their own. This is done instead of having to become a real estate agent or go to college to qualify. This is an ideal way to fast track to the success road and be able to maintain a number of properties without having to get a bachelor’s degree in order to do so. This helps many become property managers in a shorter, easier way.

Before starting your property management company or offering property management services, we recommend consulting your local Government office about certifications and licenses you may need to run your business.