Vacation Rental Videos: 6 Tips to Market Your Property

Vacation Rental Videos: 6 Tips to Market Your Property

We know that every picture tells a story and that they’re worth more than a thousand words, and that’s why we have to make sure that all of the pictures we use in our ads are perfect. But if pictures are said to be much more effective than written text, what about videos?

Over one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day, it’s the second largest search engine in the world and 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. SmallBizTrends predicts that videos will represent 80% of consumer traffic in 2019. In addition, according to a survey conducted by Hubspot in 2018, 72% of users prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service and 92% of mobile video viewers like to share them with their online communities.

You can’t deny the numbers; videos are a great way to attract new users and make your brand go viral.

Use videos to promote your vacation rental properties

What can videos do for your business that pictures can’t? It shows potential guests an idea of how your property is really like and the kind of experience they’ll have if they stay with you.

Why let your guests imagine what it would be like to stay at your property if you can show them? A video will give you the opportunity to show your business’ unique personality, something that can’t be transmitted with pictures of your living spaces.

Tips to create the perfect promotional video for your vacation rental

But don’t you worry! Videos don’t have to be “too complicated” or “too expensive” to make; a good video doesn’t have to be recorded by a video crew or done with a drone. Anyone can make a good video without it being necessarily expensive or complicated. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. The shorter, the better

We know how hard it is to cram everything into one simple video but no matter how beautiful your property is, no one is going to watch a five-minute video about it. In fact, the ideal length would be between two and four minutes.

Show your rooms in the same order your guests will see them when they enter your property, but try not to spend too much time in each space. We would recommend spending a maximum of five seconds in each room.

Think of it this way: you can always give more information about your property in the Youtube, Instagram or Facebook description.

As for the services and amenities; You may not have time to show them all, so choose the ones that add more value to your property (around four or five max).

If you have more than one property, you’re welcome to show all of them in the video, but remember: keep the video short and simple.

2. Tell a story

The story can start by showing some guests entering your vacation rental and spending the best vacation of their life. Sure, it may sound corny but you have to put yourself in their shoes, anticipate their needs and show them what they will experience if they decide to stay in your property.

You can also show a more personal side of your business and tell your guests the story behind it. What made you fall in love with your vacation rental? What do guests like the most about it? Think about all those things, and use them in your video.

Do you target more than one type of traveler? Make different videos to attract different types of guests; Families with children, couples, groups of friends, etc.

For example, this Lodgify customer uses video to creatively portray their beautiful pool area, Turquoise House Scottsdale:

3. Educate your target audience

It’s not just about getting them to stay at your property, you also want them to make the most of their stay and enjoy the location. So make sure you teach them some new things like:

  • Things to do around the area where your property is located (city, neighborhood, etc.).
  • Introduce the best places to go like restaurants, local cafes, shops, markets, or parks.
  • Local attractions and hidden gems

Think of your location as one of the amenities your rental has to offer; from white-sand beaches to well-known restaurants and unique places. If you have a drone, this would be the perfect excuse to use it.

Just make sure it doesn’t come off as too promotional if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of going viral.

4. Honesty is the best policy

Don’t forget to show what you’re not so proud of. After all, if a guest books with you, they’ll end up seeing both the good and the bad. Focus on the good, but don’t avoid showing the bad stuff if you don’t want it to affect your reviews.

On another hand, have a look at how real estate companies or hotels do it. You may have to invest in a good camera and learn how to edit videos (your smartphone may not always be enough). If not, you can always hire a specialist to help you out; you’ll easily get the return of the investment once you start getting bookings.

5. Use royalty-free content

When looking for music for your video, make sure you watch out for copyrighted music. There are many websites with royalty-free music.

Also, don’t include logos that are not yours or talk about celebrities or companies and brands without permission. Although it may not seem like it, you’re creating a promotional video that’s used for commercial purposes, so you need to make sure you don’t use copyrighted content.

6. Don’t use elevator music

There’s nothing worse than elevator music; bland background music that’s usually played in elevators, supermarkets, and other public places.

Instead of using elevator music, take advantage of the sounds around your location, such as the silence, birds chirping, people having fun in the main street, and you could even include local music, etc.

Now that you know how to make a good promotional video for your vacation rental, it’s time to get down to business, record your first promotional video and start receiving tons of bookings!

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