Airbnb API Integration

An Airbnb API integration is a connection that allows you to sync your booking software with Airbnb. Read more

Analytics tools

Tools that make it easy to track the performance of your vacation rental business. You can read important statistics, generate reports and analyze your website traffic. Read more


Is the acronym for application programming interface, a software intermediary that allows two applications to “talk” to each other.

API integration

A full connection between two software platforms that allow data sharing. For example, channel managers usually offer API connections to the top booking portals such as Airbnb,, Expedia, Vrbo, etc. Read more

Automation tools

Technology that streamlines short-term rental property management operations by setting up triggers to activate action flows, such as contacting visitors, screening guests or making payments. Read more

Booking engine

An application or software used on accommodation websites to securely process reservations and payments. Read more

Booking widget

A software plugin for hospitality industry websites which allows them to take online bookings with payments. Read more API Integration

A API integration is a connection that allows you to sync your booking software with Read more

Channel manager

A tool that offers synchronization between third-party distribution sites and a central platform for managing reservations. Channel managers typically synchronize calendar availabilities, though some connections will offer synchronizations of property data, rates, messages and more. Read more


Synchronization between a variety of platforms allowing owners to maximize the discovery of their properties by guests. Exportation of rates, listing content and calendar availability to the top OTAs to provide a reliable means of listing on different sites. Read more

Domain name

Your website name, the address on the internet where users can access your website. Read more

Electronic lock

A digital or push-button mechanical lock that does not require a key or access card to operate.

Expedia API Integration

An Expedia API integration is a connection that allows you to sync your booking software with Expedia. Read more

Global Distribution System (GDS)

A computerized network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, such as airlines and accommodation.

iCal integration

Simple but classic connection used to synchronize calendars with closed periods to block periods of unavailability. Read more

Internal solutions

Tech solutions aimed at making internal operations – like distribution of tasks – more efficient.

Key exchange solution

Software to simplify the process by which guests are given keys and collected upon check-out.

Keyless entry

Method of accessing a property with no keys, normally by temporary passcode or wireless apps.


Lodgify is a vacation rental software solution that allows owners and property managers to easily manage their short-term rental business from one place. Owners can create their own bookable website, manage all their reservations on a centralized platform and sync their bookings and calendars with external channels. Read more


Process in which a room or property in a PMS is set up to synchronize with its equivalent in an OTA.

Metasearch engine

Is a platform which uses another search engine’s data to produce its own results. These are common in the travel industry, with examples being Kayak and Trivago.

Noise monitoring solution

A system that tracks the volume levels in a property and alerts host when it exceeds a pre-determined maximum.

Online payment service

Fast and convenient web-based payment services, e.g. PayPal, that allow automatic money transfers over the internet, or directly from a credit card and/or personal checking account.

OTA ranking

The position of your listing on a search results page, as determined by an algorithm. Usually, the OTA ranking is influenced by factors such as photo quality, response time, reservation click ratio, and review number and quality.

Owners portal

A dedicated dashboard that enables vacation rental owners who outsource the management of their homes to view their properties’ performance.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a service that allows merchants to accept payments made by credit card. The term refers to both the card-reader devices we see in retail stores and the payment processing portals used in online stores. Read more

Payment processor

Also known as “payment gateway”. It’s a tool that collects and processes payments.


Cybercrime in which a target is contacted by email, telephone, or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and password. Read more

Property Management System (PMS)

Software that facilitates the management of rental properties. this includes reservations and booking calendar, guest communication, rates, listings on other channels, property information, and more. Read more

Smart home

A property equipped with smart home devices and can be remotely managed. Read more

Smart locks

A WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home device that allows users to lock and unlock a door by sending secure signals from a mobile application on their smartphone, computer or tablet. Smart locks provide remote, keyless access to a property. Read more

Vacation rental software

A cloud-based program that allows you to build a website, accept direct bookings with online payments, connect to key third-party distribution sites and manage all your reservations and guest communications from one place. Read more

Vrbo API Integration

A Vrbo API integration is a connection that allows you to sync your booking software with Vrbo. Read more


A set of related webpages located under a specific domain name.

Website builder

An online software that builds a website based on the information users have provided. Read more

Website template

A pre-designed webpage (or set of webpages) that anyone can use to easily create their own website (even without any design or programming skills). Read more

Welcome app

A website or mobile app that is designed to enrich the guest experience. It will provide guests with everything they need to know before and during their stay. In some cases, guests can chat with the host via the digital welcome app, as well as book local activities or add-ons. Read more


XML is a format for structuring data in communication between systems.

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