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Airbnb reviews are a great tool for both hosts and guests as they help users share their Airbnb experiences with others.

The first step you want to take is to learn about what the Airbnb community marketplace online has to offer, then focus your attention on Airbnb reviews. Depending on whether you are listing accommodation or traveling with Airbnb, there are specific approaches you should take to utilizing reviews.

Airbnb Reviews by Hosts

Many of those who are new to the business and have just begun hosting their vacation rental listing on Airbnb may not be aware of the importance of posting a review, or what the best way to write a review is.

The Importance of Reviews

Writing a review about a stay or an Airbnb experience with a guest gives you more exposure. Your name and profile are going to appear more often and this allows potential renters to become familiar with your position as a host.

Additionally, leaving reviews for people encourages them to reciprocate by leaving their own commentary about their experience with you and your house. Often, once guests arrive back home and even though they have had a great experience, they may forget that they have an opportunity to express this on the site. Yet when they are reminded through your review submission, it will help jog their memory to comment about your apartment.

Your review doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy one, as it could just be a response to a visitor’s review and a way of saying “thank you” for choosing your rental.

Another advantage it gives hosts a chance to do some damage control if necessary. For example, if a guest has posted some negative remarks in their review of your property, you now have a chance to give some reasonable explanations to address the complaints publicly or in private.

If you are an experienced Airbnb host, it’s likely you will have learned the value of relying on other hosts’ reviews when you are making the decision to accept a guest or not. If this is the case, then you can see how valuable these personal testimonies are. By you following suit and posting your own reviews, you are also supporting other hosts who may want to rely on your information before accepting a reservation.

Tips for Writing Airbnb Reviews About Your Guests

If you are not comfortable with writing yet, it can be a little daunting trying to put the experience with your guest into words. Apart from inviting you to check out our Airbnb guest review example, we wanted to highlight here a few tips to make writing reviews a whole lot easier for you:

  • Take a look at how other hosts have written their reviews.
  • Ask yourself: do you feel comfortable recommending this customer to other hosts?
  • Be descriptive about your customer as this helps to give other hosts better insight into the same visitor who may be inquiring about their rental.
  • Write a few practice ones first so that when it comes to it, you’ll be able to express yourself in the 500-word count limit that reviews allow.

Airbnb Reviews by Travelers

As a traveler, you also want to share your experiences with others that may be thinking of using the platform to find their ideal vacation rental. The best way you can do this is through reviews. They are also a valuable resource you can use to help make your own decision about which property to rent. You can do this by narrowing down your search to show properties with the best Airbnb reviews, and make your choice from there.

Do keep in mind, though, to not underestimate an Airbnb host with no or few reviews. It could just mean that they are new to the platform and as of yet, they haven’t received any feedback from their guests, or that no one has seen their listing or had a chance to book their property.

Your Airbnb experience is important

Just as you may have relied on other Airbnb reviews to help you decide where to stay, others will depend on yours. This vacation rental platform has made it easy to create a review and there are only a few guidelines that you must adhere to.

Here are a few tips for writing your feedback about a property and its host:

  • After your checkout date, you have 14 days to write your Airbnb review. Remembering to do this as soon as you arrive home will ensure that you get it done and submitted in time.
  • Be honest and fair when writing your comments. Remember they will be visible to any other prospective guests.
  • Write about the key points (good or bad) that you think may be important to highlight for other visitors.
  • If you want to change your review, you can do so within 48 hours of submitting it, or until the host has submitted their review.

Bear in mind that both host reviews and traveler reviews are very important – they can help make the difference between securing a booking and the guest looking elsewhere.