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How does Airbnb Payout work?

Airbnb will release any payments that they collect for your vacation rental property within 24 hours after the guest is scheduled to check-into the rental. If you’re wondering when you will get your payout on Airbnb, the time that it takes the funds to reach your account depends on the payment method that you choose to use.

If your visitor is going to be staying for 28 or more nights in your rental then the payments that they provide will continuously be received monthly.

Keep in mind that those new to Airbnb may have to wait for a 30-day payout hold. This means that all payments made in the first month will not be received until the 30-day waiting period is up. The exception is if the first guest stays 30 or more days – in which case, the host will receive the first payment within 24 hours of check-in.

Airbnb Payout Status

For those that want to know more about an existing payout status, you can check your account. A Payout line item will appear on any reservations that have payouts sent out to them.

Going to your Transaction History will also provide more information about the payments that are coming and going.

Those that have minimum payout settings on their accounts will not receive payments until that minimum amount is met. Multiple payments coming on the same day will go out on the same day, as long as the same payment methods are chosen for them all.

Processing Payment

There is a layover time between the releasing of the funds and having them arrive in your account. These can vary depending on the Airbnb payment method. The average times for these releases are:

  •  Payoneer Card – 1 business day
  •  Direct Deposit – 3 business days
  •  PayPal – 1 business day
  •  International Wire or Bank Transfer – up to 7 days
  •  Western Union -1 business day

Please note that many of the transactions that take place will not be paid out if it is a weekend or holiday, as financial institutions do not work on these days. If a payment is processed via Airbnb a Sunday or Friday, it may not clear until the following week.

How to calculate Airbnb payout for hosts

The payout that is sent to you is the nightly rate minus any Airbnb host service fees. Guests that stay with you will pay a service fee directly to Airbnb, in addition to the price you decide for your rental listing.

There are some things that can impact your Airbnb payout. For example, a monthly or weekly discount being applied to the reservation, changes in weekend pricing or custom pricing being added to the reservation, payouts to any co-hosts that were rounded to the nearest dollar and sometimes, VAT may be added onto the Airbnb service fee.

Airbnb Calculator

If you want to charge a different price to someone inquiring about a property, you can also change that with the Special Offer section in your account.

Airbnb Payout methods

There are Airbnb payout preferences to be aware of for those that want the best possible solution to obtain the correct payments for their rental properties.

Direct Deposit

This uses your banks routing and checking number to directly deposit any funds that come from your rental properties into your bank account. You have to wait for a small deposit from the company that states its ready to use.


PayPal accounts receive reimbursement through the email address that you used to sign up with.  That is all you need to enter into the payout section to set up your payout using this method.

Western Union

Using your name, you can have money sent to you through this method and then you pick it up at the nearest store offering this service. You need your name as shown on your ID and there are usually small fees applied to this transaction.

International Wiring

You will need your IBAN and bank account number to send payouts to your international bank. Your bank can provide this information to send to Airbnb.


Payoneer has to approve your account before you can receive any payments, so make sure you have done this before entering the information on the Airbnb account.

AIS Debit Card

This is only available in Cuba, but it provides a quick way to obtain your funds. You have to input your exactly as shown on your debit card.

How to manage your payout methods

You are able to add, remove or change your Airbnb payout methods in the Profile area of your account.

Log in to your Airbnb account, select the Payout Preferences option and then click to Add the Payout Method and enter your address. A pop up will appear showing all of the available options in your country, since they differ by location.

Airbnb payout problems

There may be an Airbnb payout delay from time to time, but for the most part, Airbnb pays out funds according to the schedule that is provided. They will always do their best to ensure that every owner gets the funds that they are owed for renting their home for a particular time period. The only time when this may be a problem is when the user is new and they have to wait the 30 days to receive the funds or when there is an issue with the payment choice that the owner has chosen and needs to activate.

Those that request payments when it is a holiday or a weekend will also have to wait and this can delay the payment up to a day or more, depending on the circumstances. The payout method that each user chooses on Airbnb is a personal preference of the owner of the property. However, it is not a permanent choice and you can modify this later on if you decide to choose a different method.

You should direct any questions regarding payout problems to the helpful Airbnb customer service staff. They can look at your account to deduce any problems regarding delays in payment or any outstanding balances. They’re generally very good about finding out why there is an issue.